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Upcycling and Re-modelling

Going that step further to encourage sustainability, we believe every piece of fine jewellery deserves a long and cherished lifespan, just think of all the memories and sentiment each old piece holds, so instead of discarding it at the bottom of your jewellery box why not think “upcycle” and have it remodeled into your very own unique piece of jewellery, something you will love to wear, while still retaining its link to the past and all those treasured memories.  And! you will be kinder to the environment by reusing what you already have.   

Creating Treasures from Memories

Your old jewellery deserves better than to lie forgotten at the bottom of a jewellery box.  Old pieces you no longer wear or perhaps some inherited jewellery with a lot of sentimental value and memories, but which isn’t quite your style.

 Why not breathe new life into these old pieces by upcycling them into a new piece of jewellery? 

At Keating and Stone we can help you to do this, crafting your old jewellery into something new while retaining all of its sentimental value. Beautifully transformed into something you will love, wear and treasure.

 If you would like to learn more about our remodelling service,  please contact us. 

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