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At Keating and Stone, we love and respect our beautiful planet Earth, so not only do we teach and encourage awareness of earth processes, biodiversity, landscape and the environment through our fieldtrips and school visits; we also strive in our jewellery making business to achieve as minimal environmental impact as possible.

 Ensuring we do our best to preserve and protect our natural world for the generations to come, by making responsible choices in our methods of sourcing, crafting, and packaging.

Sustainability is our key word.


As a small artisan hand crafter there is no heavy industry involved and working with precious metals means your unique hand-crafted piece is a little work of art made to last, something to be passed on and treasured for lifetimes. 

Using only 100% recycled bullion, and ethically sourced gemstones, even our scrap metal is recycled for reuse, these we source from Ireland and within Europe which means no long haulage therefore cutting carbon emissions.  

We even make our own recyclable boxes so no heavy industry or great transport involved there either.  

But we don’t stop there, we also go a step further to encourage sustainability, we believe every piece of fine jewellery deserves a long and cherished lifespan, just think of all the memories and sentiment each old piece holds, especially if it is inherited from a loved one.  

It may not be your taste or considered fashionable now, but instead of discarding it at the bottom of your jewellery box why not think “upcycle” and have it remodeled into your very own unique piece of jewellery, something you will love to wear, while still retaining its link to the past and all those treasured memories.  And! you will be kinder to the environment by reusing what you already have.   

Click here to check out our upcycling and remodeling service.

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