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Interdisciplinary Projects

A fun and interesting project can be a great way of gaining knowledge without even realising it.  We retain more information and skills from doing and discovering for ourselves.   The projects below  were devised to explore commonalities between subjects and build links between them to give the student a more holistic view, bringing subjects to life in real-world experiences. Students also have the opportunity to explore their interests, which increases their motivation to learn, while also learning how to work independently and collaboratively.

Activities can be adapted to suit all years and levels


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Geology through Art

Integration between Art and Science with 5th year students.

The aim of this project was to take a science subject and build an art exhibition around it thus creating a link between the two subjects, which would appear to differ so widely from each other but in fact share some commonalities. 

They are both extremely visual and imaginative subjects and the pupils by taking part in this project endeavoured to create and encourage a more imaginative, explorative and enthusiastic response to science education.

The project began with a Geology and Sketching fieldtrip, along the coast from Kilfarassy to Bonmahon Co. Waterford. soaking up the geology, archaeology and heritage of the area whilst sketching and taking photographs.

The students then went on to produce a fantastic range of sketches, paintings, photographs, lino prints and batiks for the exhibition,  but the 12 foot tall Alice in Tankardstown (adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s novel where Alice fell down a mine shaft instead of a rabbit hole) really stole the show.

Designed to  promote discovery learning, encourage an inquiring mind and an artistic spirit by combining educational elements and fun creative activities.

KAP Project – Kite Aerial Photography
Archaeology Above and Below


This project combined various disciplines including science, art, geography and history. The scientific aspect of archaeology helped students understand the reasoning and the technology behind remote sensing and more importantly the experience of conducting a geophysical/archaeological survey.


Archaeology shares a common history with art historical traditions in the development of strategies of seeing, viewing and visualizing. The reconstructing of the story from traces and residues, absences and presences.


The aim of this project was to investigate a local cultural heritage site using a combination of KAP, (kite aerial photography) ground photography and sketches.   All these activities including a historical lecture on site took place during our visit of Dunhill Castle, Co. Waterford.  All findings were used to create a large poster which was then presented to the Dunhill Enterprise Centre.

By combining educational elements with fun creative activities our projects promote discovery learning,  encourage an inquiring mind, and an artistic spirit.

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