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Geographical Investigation

Coastal Studies

Geographical Investigation for Leaving Certificate.

Study coastal processes in the field, the Earth’s natural laboratory

Coastal Fieldtrip created for your students, aimed at gathering all the information they need to complete their Geographical Investigation.  Designed to encourage students to develop a range of vital skills such as observing, measuring, data collection, analysis and group work.  Our fieldtrips are tailored to the topic each year and we provide field books and all the equipment needed.

This fieldtrip can be adapted as an introduction to field studies for junior cert or students at any level 

Develop fieldwork skills, including careful observation and recording of information

Observing measuring and analysing the processes that shape our coastline.

The coastal survey is adapted to the requirements of each year

Field books and equipment provided with follow up sample graphs and interpretation of data.

This fieldtrip can be adapted to introduce field studies to junior cert or students at any level

 If you would like more information or to make a booking please contact us here

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