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About Me

Welcome, and thanks for being curious enough to find out how Keating and Stone came into being.  It is a unique jewellery and geo-education business based in Co. Waterford, Ireland which has evolved from my fascination and passion for gemstones, metalwork and creativity, and studying the Earth and its resources.

Now, I got here in a bit of a round-about way, a little bit backwards as someone once pointed out to me, by specialising first and then looking at the bigger picture.  In their eyes my earth science and geology degree should have come first, with these studies sparking off my interest in gemstones and jewellery ……. but that wasn’t how it happened!!



My love affair with gemstones and jewellery started many years ago when I trained as a goldsmith in Kneisel Jewellers, Waterford. Before that I had no idea how many different and beautiful gemstones there were.  Like most people I had only ever heard about the familiar diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and amethyst but going on to study gemmology in London opened up a fascinating new world for me and I couldn’t get enough of it …. I needed to know more!!! So off I went on to study Earth Science and Geology in UCC.   In addition to a BSc, I have been a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain for almost thirty years, having graduated from BDS School of Gemmology; Regent’s College London. 


During my eight years as geologist with the Copper Coast Geopark I built up a successful Education and Activities Programme, introducing our natural, cultural, and built heritage to the public, achieved through fieldtrips, lectures, family events, workshops, and school visits.  This work I now continue independently and through the ‘Heritage in Schools Scheme’.  To date, I have successfully combined my work in the jewellery profession and my work as a geologist which is mainly involved in education.


But whichever way I did it, – here I am!  A goldsmith, a gemmologist and a geologist (looks like I couldn’t get past the Gs) who is fascinated with the Earth and how it works, and the amazing and beautiful resources it provides for us.

And now – I want to share it all with you ……..

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